Agent Application

Why joint Duke College?

Duke College is proud to be an innovative and dynamic college in Australia to offer the high-quality, accredited courses which help our students to progress firmly in their career. Duke College highly appraise your important contribution in promoting the name of Australian National College and our courses. We seek to build a long-term cooperation relationship with your organisation.
Duke College works to ensure the integrity and practices of our approved agents and your representation is both honest and professional for all our future students. We endeavor to ensure all communication between us is timely and efficient. 

How to become Duke College representative?

To become Duke College representative, please complete Agent Application Form and forward it to:

By Post

Attention: Agent Application
Duke College
PO Box 3323
Parramatta NSW 2124

Or Email

You can send a scan copy of completed Agent Application Form along with other certified evidence as requested at:

Each application takes approximately one to two weeks to process.

Agent application process

  • Send a completed and signed Agent Application Form to Duke College on-line or by post.
  • Referees are checked and verified.
  • Duke College sends an Agent Agreement for the agent to sign and return.

Duke College will enter into the agreement with each Agent before promoting them Authorised Agents. This agreement will be current, as long as Duke College does not wish to terminate the agreement. A review period will occur at 12 months. Either a revised agreement will be developed, agreed upon and signed, or otherwise continue to use.